При нас можете да поръчате и само отпечатване на вашия продукт!
Качествен директен печат на различен вид медии без ограничение за формат и бройка!

What is behind the name FSC®?

Surely you've heard this name when it comes to environmentally friendly and sustainable practices in forestry. The acronym actually comes from the Forest Stewardship Council®, an independent and non-governmental organization. It aims to promote responsible forest management worldwide.

We believe that the right way to do business is to not harm others. For this reason, we use materials with FSC® C 150230 certification upon customer request. This way we know that we are not contributing to the destruction of forests or the pollution of the planet. All our products are fully recyclable.

Certainly complying with environmental regulations can be annoying or seem unnecessary, but if we want to still have production in 50, 100 or 200 years, sustainability is the only way.

At Dimeko, we try to look ahead and leave future generations on the same planet we were given, and why not a better one? We believe in ecological and sustainable development, so we only use FSC® certified materials.