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Interview with Jeni Ilieva

Zheni Ilieva is a successful businesswoman with not one, but two innovative ventures for the Bulgarian market. In her role as an innovator in the field of promotional materials, Zheni Ilieva manages the company Dimeco, a pioneer in the production of cardboard racks in Bulgaria and the company Display BG, which offers unique cardboard toys that develop the imagination of children in a qualitative and unique way.

Our Line. You have the admiration of me and our entire team. You have created a really powerful player in the advertising business in Bulgaria. Your company Dimeco MJ is the No. 1 manufacturer of cardboard racks and advertising materials in Bulgaria. Since last year, you have also entered digital advertising. What sets you apart from the competition?

Jeni Ilieva: We don't focus on the competition but on the consumer and their needs. What distinguishes Dimeco MJ is our 20 years of experience in the field in which we develop, the presence of a cohesive and strong team, an individual approach to each project and exceptional knowledge of the market. And last but not least - a systematic investment in the production process.

NR: Please describe Dimeco MJ in 3 words.

JI: Drive, quality, development.

NR: What are the values that the Dimeco team possesses?

GI: We continuously strive to maintain market leadership and the trust of our customers. Team Dimeco is made up of young people who are familiar with the latest trends in advertising and apply this knowledge to the products we produce. The whole process is complemented by the fact that Team Dimeco also includes specialists with exceptional knowledge and experience.

NR: Can you briefly tell us about the beginning of your company? How did you feel as a young businesswoman in Bulgaria in 2000? What were the struggles?

JI: I was quite sure that the niche I had chosen was yet to develop in Bulgaria. I was full of enthusiasm and desire to accomplish every one of my goals. The main battles were related to gaining the trust of our customers and providing them with a quality product that is made in Bulgaria.

NR: Turning to young Bulgarian readers now, what is your advice to the young Bulgarian entrepreneur?

JI: Belief in yourself, educate yourself and follow your own path.

NR: How do you maintain the balance between professional commitments and inner peace?

JI: By giving the best of myself in my professional commitments, I am able to achieve inner satisfaction with the results I have achieved, which contributes to the harmony in my inner world.

NR: In your opinion, what are the winning industries right now?

JI: The industry of startups of all nature, digital advertising and brands that incorporate zero waste and sustainability into their production.

NR: How do you feel advertising now compares to 20 years ago? What has changed more - the needs of the consumer or the nature of the industry?

JI: Advertising is now much more aggressive, dynamic and concise. Today's consumer demands an extremely concise and clear picture of what they are buying and its production. It matters who advertises the product, where and how.

NR: What's wrong in Bulgaria for the Bulgarian woman? Do you think we have a bigger role now? Are we noisier or wiser now?

JI: Bulgarian women deserve to take more prominent positions in politics, economics and journalism. We are definitely wiser, but it would be useful to be louder.

NR: And the Bulgarian woman influencer? How would you describe the balance in the content she chooses to publish?

JI: At this point, the Bulgarian influencer is beautiful and modern. She attracts primarily with that. Very few influencers are socially and politically awake. In my opinion, there is no quality selection in content.

NR: As a successful businesswoman, what are the most valuable lessons you've learned from your professional life?

JI: Patience, perseverance and faith - no project can be done without them!

NR: How do you visualize the future of women in Bulgaria?

JI: Bulgarian women need to take off the apron, educate themselves and gain the confidence of a successful leader.

NR: Who is your female role model? A person you have always liked and motivated you?

JI: My maternal grandmother was a smiling, fighting and beautiful woman. She taught me to believe in myself and to love and appreciate every moment and person in my life. She will always remain in my heart!